Cranston man facing felony charge in shooting death of cat

A Cranston man is facing a felony charge in the shooting death of his neighbor's cat Friday morning.

Stubby the cat was shot with a BB gun. "That's rude. Shouldn't do that to animals," Stubby's owner, Sheri Domenico told NBC 10.

Domenico's daughter, Tiffany, was at their home on Sumner Ave. off Cranston Street when Stubby went into the neighbor's back yard. "I was sitting on the deck and all of a sudden I heard this pop. I knew it was a BB gun shot because I heard about him doing that stuff before. My cat came running from the back and it went under the porch howling and then it was gasping for air," Tiffany said. "Then I seen a gunshot and he wouldn't move after and he just took his last breathes until he died."

Stubby was part of the family. He got his name because he didn't have a tail.

"He followed my daughter home one day. He was very lovable, friendly," Sheri said. "Every morning he'd talk to me in his little cat way."

Cranston police are charging the next-door neighbor, 54-year-old Jon Main, with a felony, malicious injury to an animal, and firing in a compact area.

Sheri said, "I think he should be in jail, I really do, for the rest of his life, I think, to the maximum."

The maximum penalty on the animal charge is up to two years in prison and $1000 fine.

Cranston Police tell NBC 10 Main was arraigned at the police station Friday night and sent to the ACI.