Cranston senior among top high school bowlers

Gazmine Mason, a senior at Cranston High School East, received a scholarship to bowl at the University of Nebraska.

Don't tell Cranston East senior Gazmine Mason that bowling isn't a sport.

"When people ask me what sport I play and I say, 'Bowling', I kind of get weird faces or people saying that bowling isn't a sport. If it's on ESPN, I consider it a sport, and then when people actually see me bowl, then they're like, 'OK, bowling is a sport,'" she said.

Growing up, Mason said she was into swimming, jazz, tap and ballet. But she said a family friend got her into bowling.

"My dad's friend is a bowling coach and he plays basketball with my father and he suggested that I come try it. And ever since then I just kept progressing and I never really stopped. I liked it that much," she said.

And while bowling isn't an interscholastic sport in Rhode Island, Mason competes around the country for a club team.

Her bowling skills have literally paid off, as knocking down pins will take her to college next year on a partial athletic scholarship at the University of Nebraska.

"I think it's really amazing. I am proud that I worked hard and I will continue to work hard and that I actually used my skills to get my education and further my education," Mason said.

Nebraska recently won the 2013 women's bowling national championship.