Building hit by fire in North Attleborough to be demolished

A North Attleborough building that caught fire before dawn Friday during a snowstorm will be demolished, a fire official said.

Flames billowed out of the second and third floors of 30 North Washington St. at midnight.

"It's been a real challenging night. It's been difficult under these conditions," Fire Chief Ted Joubert said.

The fire grew to four alarms, which meant eight communities had to come out and help douse the flames.

Hours later, the sun was out but the fire wasn't.

Joubert said the fire would have been challenging enough, but it was the second fire in a night with blizzard-like conditions.

"Unfortunately, in this type of weather you get lines that freeze up. You get hydrants that freeze up. You get appliances on the trucks that freeze up, and we've faced all of those challenges tonight," Joubert said.

The building had shops at street level with apartments above.

The Red Cross had to help feed and relocate 20 people from the building that burned and neighboring structures.

"When they first get here, they're just numb. They don't know how they're going to get through the next couple of minutes never mind the recovery," a Red Cross representative said.

At noon, most of the families were either headed to a hotel or to stay with friends.