Cross-dressing bandits arrested in series of thefts

Police have arrested three suspects believed to be the cross-dressing bandits responsible for thefts at numerous high-end stores.

Police arrested Pecola Brewington, 49, of Bethlehem, Pa., Tracy Adams, 49, and Tyrone Moore, 50 both of Brooklyn, N.Y.

The trio was arrested in Randolph, Mass., last week, after allegedly stealing $29,000 worth of items from a fur store.{} Police said the male suspects would sometimes dress as women to steal items from high end stores in New York and Massachusetts.

Sometimes one of them would call the store asking for directions to keep the store employee busy.{} Police said they believe they may have been operating for years.

In Rhode Island, the owners of Karma Couture in East Greenwich said they are wondering if these suspects may be linked to the theft at their store a year ago.

In the Karma Couture theft, two women, or men dressed as women, hid expensive Chanel handbags under their coats and walked out with them. They reportedly took about $2,000 worth of merchandise.

East Greenwich police said Monday that they will be looking into any connection to the suspects now under arrest.