Cumberland boy shot by BB gun in Wareham

Six- year-old Sean Carduff is taking advantage of the mild weather Sunday to ride his bike.

You'd never know he's recovering from being shot with a BB gun right in his arm.

Sean's mother, Renee Lemois, described those moments leading up to the shot and immediately after telling NBC 10 "according to the kids, they heard a pop, and then a second pop, and my son is screaming."

Sean was visiting his paternal grandparents in Wareham last weekend, playing in the back yard with his cousin, doing what kids do in the winter, building a snowman.

According to Sean he had only finished the bottom of the snowman when "he shot me."

That he, according to police, is a 16 year old who lives right next door to Sean's grandparents.

Wareham police say they recovered two airsoft rifles and pellets from the teenager's home.

Lemois told NBC 10 that her son was actually lucky because the shot "it actually stops just millimeters away from shattering bone; the rotator cuff is still in- tact."

Sean was treated at Hasbro Children's hospital. The BB went through his winter coat and two shirts's actually still lodged in his arm; his mother eventually wants it removed.

Sean's family wanted to speak publicly about what happened to raise awareness about how dangerous the situation was, and how potentially tragic it could have been.

Wareham police believe the teen deliberately shot AT Sean. Lemois told NBC 10 "I really don't think he should walk away from this with slap on his wrist, what is that going to say to him if that happens. When my son left to go to his father's for the weekend, that could have been the last time I said good-bye to my son, it's very scary"

Thankfully now she says he's bouncing back, and has something important to look forward to, his 7th birthday on February 7th.