Cumberland players' popularity grows at LLWS

Cumberland American's Tyler Provost signs an autograph for a fan at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa.

The players on the Cumberland American Little League team have become rock stars at the Little League World Series.

They're on national TV, posing for pictures with fans and signing autographs.

"It's really cool, you know? A lot of people are going to be watching us so it's really cool," said Jayden Struble, Cumberland American first baseman.

Since the start, each game at the Little League World Series has averaged 1 million television viewers. And after the team's comeback against Tennessee on Saturday night, it's no wonder they're in high demand.

"It's great. It's fun to know you have fans," said Addison Kopack, Cumberland American pitcher and third baseman.

And the fans let them know that they're rooting for them, sharing stories with each other and bringing to joy to baseball fans.

"After our Maine game (at the New England Regional tournament) a little boy asked our whole team if he could have our autograph. It was cool to make a little kid happy," said Nick Croteau, Cumberland American shortstop.

From qualifying tournaments to the Little League World Series, the players are signing for fans and swinging for the fences.

"We've done it in regionals. We're kind of used to it by now, but it's a big step up from what we're used to," said Trey Bourque, Cumberland American catcher.