Cumberland teachers not thrilled working without February break

Anne Kilkenny remembers February school vacation from when she was a little girl. Now her daughter, Meg, attends the only school district in the state to do away with this time off.

"I kind of wanted a break to get a break from school," Meg Kilkenny said.

This is the first year Cumberland public school students will not have a break in February.

However, students did get a longer December break, and teachers got a few more professional development days.

Students will get out of school four days earlier than other districts.

"I think kids would enjoy more time off during the summer because there's only so much you can do in the dead of winter," said parent David Williams.

A number of Cumberland school teachers told NBC 10 they don't think the change is logical or convenient for them, and they don't feel like their voices are being heard.

The superintendent did not make himself for an interview to answer questions about the teachers' concerns. His assistant told NBC 10 the office had no comment.

The calendar for next school year was already approved. Students in Cumberland will also not have February vacation next year.