Cumberland woman accused of threatening to shoot up school

Wendy Ferris

A Cumberland woman appeared in court charged with threatening to shoot up the school she works for in Massachusetts.

Wendy Ferris of Cumberland worked in the kitchen at King Phillip Middle School, in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Prosecutors say she threatened to shoot up the school with an AK-47 because someone didn't like her baking.

Those allegations landed her in court Monday. Ferris is charged with threatening to commit a crime.

Prosecutors say Ferris got into a dispute with another kitchen worker when they criticized her baking and had to remake her cookies.

Her coworker alleges Ferris claimed to have a hit-list reportedly naming two individuals who were at the top of the list.

Prosecutors say Ferris talked openly about buying an AK-47 and rounds of ammunition.

Ferris and her husband are licensed gun owners, they were ordered by the judge to give up their guns.

A not guilty plea was entered on her behalf.

Ferris posted the $5,000 cash bail. She's been ordered to stay away from the school. She's due back in court on March 11.