Man accused of DUI released

Ramon Pina (right)

A Providence man accused of driving drunk with three children in the car will keep his license, a judge ruled Wednesday.

While Ramon Pina needed a translator to understand the charges in Washington County District Court, he said he fully understands that he made a mistake over the weekend.

"He had an odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath. His eyes were bloodshot," said Brian Montimony of the Rhode Island State Police.

Pina was charged with driving drunk with children in the car, including his own son and two nieces. Another driver called in to report his erratic behavior on Interstate 95 near Exeter at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

"The trooper observed that vehicle driving in an erratic manner, clocked his speed at 35 in a 65 (zone)," Montimony said.

At the barracks, police said Pina blew more than double the legal limit at 0.227 and that he had been driving impaired for several hours before getting caught.

Pina told NBC 10 he picked up family members at an airport in New York and thought he was OK to drive.

The judge had no choice but to let Pina go on personal recognizance because it was his first offense. She did add a few conditions. Pina cannot drive with anyone under the age of 21 in his car, and he cannot consume alcohol until at least June 12, when his next hearing is scheduled.