Police say dancers lured resident in home invasion

A fifth suspect in the home invasion, Orlando Luciano turned himself into police.

Providence police said Friday that five people are under arrest in connection with a home invasion in which two people were shot.

"It's a very big deal. Obviously, they are very dangerous and they were all armed and now that we have them in custody, behind bars, it's obviously a lot safer out there," Maj. David Lapatin said.

Police said two exotic dancers knocked on the door of a Forsyth Street home July 11 to get the man of the house to open the door. Three men then barged in with guns.

Investigators said the assailants tried to tie up the owner's daughter with zip ties. During the scuffle 18-year-old Kyana Williams and her father, 55-year-old Kevin Edwards, were shot.

According to a police report, the homeowner fought off the attackers despite being shot in the foot and got them out of the house. The gunmen fired and hit the house next door.

Both victims were treated at Rhode Island Hospital.

Five days later, police arrested two women, Vypatda Sophan and Vanessa Potter.

"That evening, the house was shot up again. So, we realized this had become a very dangerous situation," Lapatin said.

Providence police said the three gunmen are 20-year-old Miguel Pere, 23-year-old Tommy Bun and 22-year-old Orlando Luciano.

Providence SWAT arrested Pere and Bun on Thursday and retrieved three guns. Luciano surrendered.

They're now facing charges for the home invasion and could face charges in the other shooting.

"Now obviously, our thoughts are it's the same people, but we have to present evidence that will show that," Lapatin said.

Police said some of the suspects are known gang members. Police say they could be responsible for other home invasions in Providence and nearby communities.