Police: 'Knockout game' Facebook post turns out to be hoax

Phone calls and emails have recently bombarded the Dartmouth Police Department over a Facebook post that went viral.

Police became aware of the post on Monday, alleging a group of teens had played the "knockout game" in town and beat up an elderly man. The post also took a shot at the reputation of the department saying the teens got away with the assault because one of the teens has a father who is a town police officer.

The Internet is filled with videos of the knockout game depicting a dangerous assault on unsuspecting victims. Typically, a person punches a random stranger on the street as hard as they can, often knocking the victim out with a single blow.

Police took the tip seriously and investigated the claim that the incident happened at the intersection of Route 6 and Cross road on Dec. 20. Police said they recovered some video of the incident from a nearby business.

However Chief Timothy Lee of the Dartmouth Police Department told NBC 10 the incident wasn't related to the knockout game.

Lee said the Facebook allegation was "completely false" nor is there any evidence that one of the suspects is related to a Dartmouth police officer.

Lee also said those involved in the incident are alleging unprovoked attacks on each other, but police couldn't find any visible injuries.

All of the people involved with the incident will be summonsed to court on cross complaints.