Dartmouth Police to be working out of trailers for months

{}It could be months before the Dartmouth police can move back into their station.

For now, the officers are working out of portable trailers in their parking lot.

It's been that way since March when the police station was shut down after the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease was discovered in the hot water system. An officer became sick Legionnaire's disease.

Roughly 80 officers and other employees are working out of six trailers, said Dartmouth Police Detective Kyle Costa.

"Everybody has adjusted really well to it," said Costa on Tuesday. "We are still working out of the mobile units and we don't know when we will be going to be back in the station but it's not going to be anytime soon."

Dartmouth Town Administrator David Cressman said the earliest the officers would be back in the police station is Christmas. Next week he expects to get a report from the State Department of Public Health. Cressman said having the police work out of the trailers "seems to be the best solution at this time."