Day care owner regrets cutting boy's hair

The owner of a Coventry day care said Thursday that she probably shouldn't have cut the hair of a 4-year-old boy without getting a parent's permission.

Lori Lanoue of Creative Child said she regrets doing it, but she said it was out of love.

She said she trimmed the boy's bangs after he tripped, saying the long hair made it hard for him to see.

In the future, she said she plans to think twice before reacting.

"I would call them first before I did anything. Absolutely. It was a reaction. I'm sorry I did it. But I hate to use the phrase water under the bridge, but it's done. It happened," Lanoue said.

The boy's mother, Jacqulyn Coates, consulted an attorney. The lawyer said cutting a child's hair without permission could be considered assault.