Daycare center adjusts to water advisory

When you enter Sweet Peas Village, a daycare center in East Greenwich, you can't miss the sign when you register your child.

It reads "Boil Water Advisory."

"At this time, everyone is still here full enrollment. I think our parents trust that we are making the best decisions for their safety and their children's safety," said Jennifer Struckel of Sweet Peas Village.

A boil-water order is affecting about 25,000 residential and business customers following the discovery of E. coli in a Kent Counter Water Authority storage tank.

Since the order remains in effect, the daycare has capped off its water fountain, bought paper goods, disposal cups and hand sanitizer.

"Our nurse has been in contact with the Department of Health making sure that we're following the proper protocol and guidelines to make that everyone is safe," Struckel said.

Parents are also chipping in too.

"Between the pro-active teachers that we have coming in early to boil water, making sure everything gets washed the proper way, and parents coming in and bringing in cases of water and extra paper goods to have on hand," Struckel said.

She said the teachers are doing a great job of explaining to children that there are germs and that they have to be careful.

"We've had some questions but nothing we haven't been able to answer," Struckel said.

Owner Heather Mayo said she hasn't dealt with anything like this before.

"It's hard because not everyone is from this community or affected. So if you're not on top of the news, then it was a little bit of a shock when we came into work Monday morning," she said.