Debate over power plants in Somerset continues

The Brayton Point Power Plant; they can't live with it and they certainly can't live without it, at least not yet. Clean energy protesters want the coal plant shut down, but if it is shut down they might do more damage to the town they're trying to protect. By defending the environment they might destroy the economy.

Pauline Rodrigues wants the town to move away from coal. She supported shutting down another power plant that provided significant funds to the town, the Montaup plant, more than a year ago. Rodrigues told NBC 10 that her support for shutting down the plant is fueled by her concern for the future of her family, "what I wanted to leave my grandkids was clean air to breathe."

But when the town didn't redevelop that site it lost more revenue. The same is likely to happen if the Brayton Point Plant shuts down. It's the main source of revenue for the town, and that amount has gone down significantly over the years.

Sharron Machamer, says she's concerned she won't be able to afford to live in Somerset if they keep hiking up taxes to make up for lost revenue from these power plants. They've gone to the city asking for help, but so far no plan is in place to improve the economy of Somerset.

NBC 10 spoke with the organizers who said they had been promised by local government leaders that they'd have a meeting on this issue in the fall, however so far no formal date has been set.