Deer rescued after falling through ice in East Providence

East Providence firefighters on Friday risked their lives to rescue a deer that fell through the ice on the Providence River.

A call first came in as a report of a person through the ice. When rescue crews arrived, they realized it was a deer.

Fire officials say the deer was far off shore when it fell through.

Firefighters used their cold water gear and carefully set out on the ice. They used a lasso to get a hold of the deer and gingerly brought it in on a sled.

"Fire department protects life, animals, people, it doesn't really matter. We went out there. We made a rescue. Got the deer to shore, turned it over to DEM and luckily it will be released back into the wild," said Capt. John Kelahan of the East Providence Fire Department.

The Department of Environmental Management has warned people that, despite the recent cold temperatures, it isn't safe to venture out on the ice.