Caught on Cam: Deer rescued from fence

Brian Kelley had just finished his overnight shift at the police department.

A deer rescue was captured on camera after a family in Attleboro woke up to quite the surprise yesterday morning.

The rescue began Sunday when Dixie the dog was barking in the back yard.

Grant Kelley, 7, was the first to see it. "We looked outside and we thought it was two huge branches but then we looked on the other side and we saw a huge head," said Grant.

What looked like two branches turned out to be the legs of a deer, stuck in the Kelley's' back yard fence in Attleboro.

"Probably just jumped over here and got caught didn't make it all the way over there," he said.

Luckily, at the time Grant's dad was just coming home from working the overnight shift.

So out Brian Kelley came to the deer's rescue. "I started to pet the back of the deer to calm him down cause he was kicking."

Then Kelley started the careful process of freeing the animal.

"I started to gently free the bottom legs first, release the pickets and then was able to move the deer gently off the top of the fence," he said.

After the animal was freed, it took off back into the woods.

Kate Kelley captured her husband's rescue mission on video. "And we are all animal lovers in this family so we were thrilled to see it ended well," said Kate Kelley.

Brian Kelley is a police officer. The shift he just ended was at the local police department.

For this officer it was all in a day's work and for his family, an experience they'll never forget.