Democratic candidates react to Caprio stepping down

David Caprio

The Democratic candidates in the race for governor of Rhode Island had mixed reactions to the chairman of their party stepping down in the middle of election season.

"It's a disgrace. It's time to move on from more of the same," Democratic candidate Gina Raimondo said.

The Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates met for a forum on Providence's West End Tuesday night with the Rhode Island Black Business Association.

Republican candidates Ken Block and Allan Fung both expressed their reactions to NBC 10 Tuesday afternoon and again Tuesday evening. Block said politicians need to stop treating taxpayers like an ATM. Fung noted that the situation with Caprio's company being awarded concession contracts for state beaches seemed "fishy."

Angel Taveras said that once the investigation by Rhode Island State Police is complete, he would have more to say. He said he thinks it's appropriate to conduct an investigation in this case and that investigators need to see where the evidence leads.

Raimondo spoke more bluntly.

"Enough is enough with the same old political insiders. It's hurting Rhode Island's reputation. The people deserve better," Raimondo said.

Clay Pell echoed Raimondo's thoughts, saying that he is fed up with inside politics.

"It's extremely disappointing to have learned about what (Caprio) might have done," Pell said. "What we need is new leadership across the board in this state."

With questions posed about the importance of expanding business opportunities to more than just a select few, the candidates were outspoken in agreeing that the state needs to move forward.

Political newcomer Todd Giroux said Caprio was good for the Democratic party and said he supports him in whatever he does next.

"People who do business with the state and are also politically involved, it's always a precarious moment," Giroux said. "Let's wait and see what the facts are."