Digging Deeper: Recent rash of drunken driving arrests

Rhode Island State Police say this past weekend was riddledwith crashes that were caused by drunken drivers.

The victims included everyone from a Lincoln police officerhelping another driver to children.

Early Saturday morning in Exeter, the driver of a truckrolled his vehicle with his 7-year-old son in the back seat. Shawn Pino, 40,was arrested on suspicion of DUI. His son was treated for minor injuries atHasbro Children's Hospital and discharged.

Police said Roberto Garcia had three small children in hiscar when he was charged with drunken driving. On Monday, Garcia pled no contestto the charges.

State police and the Rhode Island chapter of Mothers AgainstDrunk Driving have teamed up to strengthen the state's drunken driving laws.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee introduced a bill that would makedriving drunk with a child 13 years old or younger a felony.

If the bill is passed, those charged with drunken drivingwith a child would immediately have their license suspended. If found guilty,offenders could face five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

But O'Donnell said even with legislation they'll still needcitizens to keep calling in when they see an impaired driver.

O'Donnell said he hopes continued citizen reporting, andstiffer laws can move Rhode Island closer to reducing its drunken drivingproblem.

To report an impaired driver, call 911 or *77.