Digging Deeper: Stop sign mistake in Providence

Wendy Drumm lives close to Blackstone Boulevard in Providence.

Drumm said new four-way stop signs along Blackstone Boulevard at Rochambeau Avenue have caught motorists off guard.

"They never stop. Never," she said.

Drumm said there are no flags or stop ahead signs before you get to the intersection. She said many of her neighbors said they are wondering who put them there.

As it turns out, it wasn't the city. It was a contractor.

"They are not supposed to be up at the moment," said Kevin Aguiar, a construction contractor.

Aguiar's crew put the signs up, but said they were supposed to go up next week as part of a nearby construction project. He said the temporary stop signs are supposed to be part of a detour because of construction on Hope Street.

But after numerous cars refused to brake for the stop signs, the city told the contractor to take them down.

If the stop signs need to go up again, Aguiar said he'll put up extra signs.

"Two on the eastbound side, two on the westbound side and then advanced warnings that say stop ahead to notify the drivers that there's new signs up," he said.

The city's Public Works Department said it will monitor traffic on Monday when the Hope Street construction begins. If there's a lot of extra traffic, it'll put the signs back up.