Digging Deeper: Will air show be grounded in 2013?

The aerial majesty of the U.S Navy's Blue Angels issomething that fans of the Rhode Island Air National Guard Open House and AirShow were looking forward to this year.

"Every time it ends, I'm already looking forward to, andcan't wait for next year," said Jameson Maloney, of Warwick.

But fans may have to wait longer now.

The Blue Angels canceled their performance in this year'sshow on Monday. In fact, all seven military acts that usually take part in theshow will stay grounded.

"It is a big event. It has a lot of economic impact here atthe state. And we do realize a lot of families look forward to coming downhere," said Maj. Christopher Peloso of the Rhode Island Air National Guard.

Show organizers must decide if the event will still drawclose to 100,000 people to Quonset Point without the Blue Angels.

A decision to cancel would have a ripple effect on thenon-military performers like Massachusetts stunt pilot Mike Goulian, who's beenparticipating for years.

And then there are the non-profit groups that depend on theshow for fundraising.

The Rhode Island Air National Guard gives more than $100,000in parking donations every year to Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Not to mention the non-profit concessionaires that sell foodand drinks to make money.

Lifetime fans of the air show hope a solution can be found.

"I love going to the air show. I've been since I've been a kid," AnthonyKennedy said.

"I really wish they would keep public entertainment spendingin there because it lets us see what the military can do and what they have. Italso lets us see what our money is going towards too," Maloney said.