Disabled man falls to death from apartment window

A disabled man fell to his death from his third-floor apartment on Grove Street in Fall River.

The body of 43-year-old Brian Silvia was discovered on the front landing early Saturday morning.

"It's a severe loss to the family, to the community. Brian was so lovable," said relative Sheila Charpentier.

It wasn't immediately known what caused Silvia to fall.

Neighbors said Silvia, who walked with a brace around his leg, would go to the corner store daily.

"I feel so sorry. He was a nice, nice kid," said neighbor Helen Lopes.

Those who knew him said he never let his disability get in the way.

Charpentier said Silvia was a trivia whiz, especially with music.

"Who wrote it, who sang it -- anything to do with the Patriots. Anything to do with wrestling," she said.

Charpentier said when Silvia was eight years old, he was pushed of a third-floor balcony by another child, and that led to the health problems he endured most of his life. She said she was shocked that his life ended in an eerily similar manner.

"Right after Christmas, (Silvia) had surgery on his brain and he came out of it fine. And to end his life like this, 36 years after you were pushed at eight years old and you fall out a third-floor window," she said.

Calls from NBC 10 placed to Fall River police were not returned.