Distracted driving program encourages kids to arrive alive

A Smithfield High School student participates in a distracted driving simulator on Friday, May 16, 2014.

It's that time of year again and proms, graduations and summer are just around the corner.

"Prom season, we're concerned with graduation. There are more parties," said Cathy Riley, who works as a nurse at Smithfield High School.

Smithfield High School has partnered with the town's police department to dedicate a month to a distracted driving awareness program.

"The cell phone, as great as it is, comes with a lot of responsible especially when you're behind the wheel," said Robert Squillante, school resource officer.

"We've had a fatality from a graduate from texting and driving, so it hits close to home here," Riley said.

Students readily admit to texting and driving. Brandon Correira says he does it sometimes.

Teachers said if even one student stops texting while driving because of the program, they'll have been a success.