I-Team: Career center users targeted again

Several hundred users of the Rhode Island labor department's online career center have been targeted in an apparent scam, and it's the second time it's happened in five months.

The Department of Labor and Training said it learned Monday that someone impersonating a business had contacted 300 users of and asked them to set up a separate Yahoo instant messenger account and share personal information.

"Somebody went in as a purported employer and created an account and then viewed resumes. And the key is when they looked at resumes, they attempted to lure folks out into a special Yahoo account," said Susan Chomka, assistant director of the DLT.

It was unclear how many users provided the scammer with personal information.

"We could tell whose resume was looked at through the system. We alerted them via email. We are sending out hard copy letters (Tuesday). We are also calling each individual to make them aware and to offer credit monitoring for one year," Chomka said.

A similar security breach was reported in October.

Someone impersonating a business had contacted 350 users of, and asked them to set up a Yahoo account and share personal data.

Chomka says protocols have been put in place that will be monitoring activity every day to ensure the department can stop a breach as soon as possible.

"Don't they have enough data and technology to stop something like that from happening?" said Jose Lanza, who has been looking for work as a truck driver for six weeks.

Lanza didn't know if the fraudulent charge he discovered Monday on his Bank of America account was caused by the security breach or not.

"I canceled. I called the bank up right away," he said.

"I'm a little bit more experienced when it comes to using the web, so it wouldn't fool me, but most people aren't," said Landon Sanders, who is also unemployed.

Chomka recommended anyone who shared information to contact the three major credit bureaus.

"Be vigilant. Be aware of what you're doing no matter what it is you're doing on the internet," he said.

The Rhode Island State Police has been contacted to investigate.