Money Watchers: DMV surcharges increase

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

Tuesday ushered in a new round of surcharges at Rhode Island's Division of Motor Vehicles.

"It went up $10 a year ago, July 1. It's an additional $10 today, July 1," said the DMV's Anthony Silva, referring to surcharges on driver's licenses and two-year registrations.

Lawmakers passed a surcharge on licenses and registrations in 2011 to help pay to maintain the highways.

Phase one took effect on July 1, 2013, and the last phase will take effect in 2016, when surcharges will raise about $16.8 million each year.

"Yesterday was busy. It was the last day of the month. A lot of people wanted to avoid the fee increase and they came in to have their transaction done on Monday," Sliva said.

Drivers said they are not thrilled with having to pay more to drive in Rhode Island.

"I don't like it, but seems to be the case with government today that they just keep increasing the fees on everything to get more revenue," one man said.

Fees are also going up at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The cost for a road test increases $15. Registration for a passenger vehicle will cost $30 for one year, up from $25. Annual vehicle inspections are increasing from $29 to $35.