Dog dies after pit bull attack in Lincoln

A dog owner in Lincoln is mourning one of her pets after it was killed in an attack by a pit bull Thursday.

"He was my baby," Luz Molina says of her Yorkie, Tyson.

Molina says the pit bull charged while she was walking her two dogs in their Manville Thursday.{} "He was so furious.{} He was like a beast," Molina told NBC10.{} "It was horrifying what I lived.{} I feel so bad.{} I couldn't free him from his mouth.{} It was terrifyinghe shook him so bad and the Yorkie was crying."

Her other dog got hurt, too, needing more than 20 stitches.

Molina says she got down to shield her dogs while the pit bull was still attacking.{} "He was right in front of me, his face.{} I was screaming 'help, help!'{} He was right in front of me.{} At that moment, I was there at his mercy."

Molina says she was bitten on the hand, too.

Simon Moussa, owner of the pit bull told NBC10, "It's a horrible situation for both partiesmy dog did something wrong and he's being punished for it."

Moussa's dog, Tank, is now at the town animal shelter, facing the possibility of being put down.{} "If I have to put my dog down, I've had him since he was 4 weeks old.{} He's my baby.{} I'm going to be a little torn as well," he said.

Moussa says he feels bad for Molina, that he will talk to her, and pay her bills.{} But he also claims there's a history.{} He claims that one of Molina's dogs cut Tank's nose a couple months ago.{} "He's obviously not a vicious dog.{} Everybody in the neighborhood can attest to, he's a lovebug.{} He's just a big dog and he was defending himself to circumstances of, hey, two dogs attacked me and he happened to be bigger and stronger," Moussa said.

He thinks Tank is getting a bad rap because he's a pit bull.{} "Everybody's pointing at him like bad dog, vicious dog.{} This and that.{} It's all a crock of crap."

But Luz Molina has a different opinion, and denies the dogs had a prior run-in.{} Molina said, " The dog is dangerous.{} He killed.{} He shouldn't be around."

Police say the Tank the pit bull will go through a vicious dog hearing and Moussa could face a fine.