Dolphin rescued after being stranded on Cape Cod beach

An intense rescue operation was underway on Cape Cod Saturday as crews rushed to get a stranded dolphin back into the wild.

A 10 foot long, 340 pound dolphin was found stranded on Seaview Beach in Osterville on Cape Cod. Personnel from the International Fund for Animal Welfare were contacted and responded to the beach to assess the situation.

According to Brian Sharp, Stranding Coordinator at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, "the animal looked relatively healthy. We did a full health assessment. We decided we wanted to give the animal a shot."

Sharp and his colleagues at the International Fund for Animal Welfare brought the juvenile female Rissos dolphin to Scusset Beach in Sandwich to release it back to the ocean.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea can still be seen and felt in the strong surf off of Scusset Beach, but Sharp says that even though it is not a typical release site, it was the safest area beach from which to release the animal.

Though it's unclear whether the animal got stranded because of the storm, the experts are hoping it adapts quickly to normal life once again.