Rescuers release dolphins beached on Cape Cod

Marine wildlife officials say five common dolphins beached at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Thursday, March 6, 2014.

Marine wildlife rescuers said they have released four common male dolphins beached at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown.

One dolphin was already dead when rescuers arrived at the scene Thursday morning.

Brian Sharp, stranding coordinator for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said his team successfully released the surviving dolphins at Herring Cove, three miles from where they were discovered.

The dolphins were found on the flats off the intersection of Snail Road and Route 6A.

Sharp said the team ran multiple tests on the surviving dolphins and determined they were healthy.

He said because of the unique landscape and tidal changes the area is a hotspot for marine strandings and that his team responds to several every year.