Donations come in for Philippine typhoon survivors

A steady stream of cars lined up here at Cardi's Furniture in West Warwick Sunday morning.This was one of several stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts collecting items for those devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

"I feel bad for the people, anything we can do to help, as little as it may be, it's something," said one man who showed up to donate.

Specific items that were needed included water, non perishable food, items, and{}diapers.

The Filipino-American Association in Rhode Island has been working on local relief efforts like this ever since the typhoon hit.

"The way the area was devastated, we do still have family members here that are waiting to hear from aunties and uncles and family members," said Chet Gotauco, President of the Association.

Even before Sunday's donation drive, people were showing up at the store to drop off needed items.

"They've been coming for several days now, it's been wonderful; people from all walks of life, " said Ron Cardi, of Cardi's Furniture.

The drive started at 8:00 in the morning and lasted until noon.