DOT investigates cause of Iway Bridge damage

The state Department of Transportation has begun repairs to the Iway Bridge.

A maintenance crew doing a spring cleaning found damage to the concrete at the base of a guardrail on the east side of the bridge.

"There was damage not only to the bridge railing, but to the concrete below," said DOT Director Michael Lewis.

The DOT is investigating other parts of the bridge to be sure it is performing as it was designed.

"This has been operating for six years. This work was done more than six years ago. But we want to make sure that if it was done according to design, why did this happen? And if it wasn't done according to design, why not and what's the corrective action that needs to take place to ensure that it meets the design life of the project?" Lewis said.

DOT officials said a vehicle may have hit the bridge, but they don't know for sure.

"We've chipped away the concrete where the break occurred, and we've also identified other spots to go in and we've chipped concrete away from those locations as well to see if there are similar conditions in that area. We are not through with our investigation," Lewis said.

The DOT said it has to determine the cost to repair the bridge or where the responsibility lies.

Jersey barriers are in place where the damage is being repaired.