DOT says 'be patient' about lights on bridges

NBC 10 viewers emailed to ask why the lights on the Pawtucket River Bridge weren't as they appeared during a recent celebration.

"That really was a celebration from a community perspective. This bridge becoming an iconic image for the city and what it's capable of doing from a lighting perspective," said Rose Amores of the state Department of Transportation.

Once work on the bridge is complete, the lights will follow.

"We're still testing systems," Amores said.

The same can be said about the Sakonnet River Bridge.

NBC 10 Traffic Reporter Molly O'Brien noticed all of the lights weren't operating on Wednesday.

Amores said the Sakonnet River Bridge remains an active construction project.

She said it's difficult to give a final date on when both projects will be completed, but hoped it would be within the next couple of weeks.

Amores said Rhode Islanders should be proud of both bridges and be patient with the lights.