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      Driver hurt as dragster crashes into smoke shed in Bristol

      The vehicle smashed into a barbeque restaurant's outdoor smoke shed on Metacom Avenue in Bristol.

      The driver of a dragster was seriously hurt Thursday when he crashed into a barbeque restaurant's outdoor smoke shed on Metacom Avenue in Bristol.

      "It sounded like a big explosion," Charles Frizado, the owner of the restaurant, Wing-N-It, told NBC 10.

      Witnesses told NBC 10 the driver was the owner of a nearby business, Steve Elmslie, who was trying out his dragster in his parking lot when it took off, speeding across the street.

      "Jumped the back mound that we have there, catapulted itself over the jersey barrier blocks which we have installed to stop situations like this from arising," Frizado said.

      The dragster just missed a restaurant worker, who was getting out of his car, as it crashed through the middle of the metal siding of the smoke house.

      There wasn't anybody manning the smoker next to the restaurant.

      The dragster barely missed the smoker, which was cooking at the time.

      Elmsie is listed in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital.

      Frizado was the first to get to him.

      "Once I got over to the vehicle and saw who it actually was in the vehicle, it was definitely a heart-racing moment. We just talked to him. For a few minutes he lost consciousness. Responding officers performed CPR on him. When he left the scene, he was breathing on his own," Frizado said.

      Bristol police are trying to determine the cause of the accident.