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      Driver of stolen car caused serious crash in Providence

      Providence Police say the driver of a stolen car caused a serious crash at the intersection of Friendship and Portland Streets Thursday afternoon.

      The impact threw the other driver out of his vehicle's window and he suffered a serious head injury.

      Heather Lanphere, who lives nearby, told NBC10, "It was horrible. We were all shaking. The sound of the crash was so loud. Everybody came running out of their houses."

      Providence Police Sgt. Paul Zienowicz told NBC10 that David J. Thompson, 24, of Providence, was driving at a high rate of speed in a stolen silver car when he went through a stop sign and hit a minivan driver by Marco Lopez, 36, also of Providence.

      The collision spun the minivan and Lopez was ejected, landing under a nearby fence.

      Justine Cavaco told NBC10, "I ran over actually to the guy that was under the fence and he had a huge laceration to his forehead and his chest had collapsed."

      Police said Lopez was last listed in serious but stable condition at Rhode Island Hospital.

      Thompson was also taken to the hospital. Zienowicz said, "My information was that he opened the passenger door, began to walk, and then collapsed on the sidewalk."

      Zienowicz said Thompson is now facing a number of charges including driving to endanger resulting in injury, possession of a stolen vehicle, and driving without a license.

      He said the car was stolen earlier this week in Pawtucket.