Driver sentenced in crash that killed mother, baby

The man responsible for a crash that killed a woman and her baby apologized to her family during his Traffic Tribunal sentencing Tuesday.

Benjamin Servideo also learned his license will be suspended and that he will have to complete hours of community service.

"If he has to do community service, have him do community service somewhere with children," Steven Bustamante said in court. "So he knows how precious (children) are."

Bustamante lost his fiancé and his unborn child in a crash police said was caused by Servideo.

The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal ordered Servideo to complete 100 hours of community service, 25 hours of that must be with children. A judge also suspended his license for eight months and is requiring him to complete a drivers' education course before earning it back.

After months of keeping a blank face, Servideo's stoic facade finally cracked during statements from Sanchez's loved ones. The 24-year-old also expressed his remorse for what happened on Sept. 28.

"To the Sanchez family, I know that every day since this tragic accident Ms. Sanchez's family has felt a significant loss," Servideo said. "I'm sorry for my involvement in this accident. I too experience daily, and know that going forward will continue to experience a terrible feeling for being involved in this tragedy."

Words of apology the family of Sullynette Sanchez and her baby boy have waited to hear for more than five months.

"Why does a mother have to bury her daughter and grandson?" Ramonita Cortes said. "That should not happen."

Benjamin Servideo rear-ended Sanchez's SUV while driving on Route 4 in East Greenwich. The pregnant woman died on the way to Rhode Island Hospital. Her unborn child was delivered, but later died.

"I feel empty, lost after this event," Bustamante said.

The state police declined to bring criminal charges in the crash. Servideo said he was reaching for his wallet.