Drivers cope with spike in gasoline prices

Gasoline prices shot up more than 15 cents over a week's time in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, according to AAA Southern New England.

Although most drivers expect to see prices soar in the summer months, this time around there's an international trigger.

AAA said the spike is in part due to unrest in Egypt and Syria. The fear is fighting could spread to oil rich countries in the Middle East.

The price jumped up 15 cents in Rhode Island and 17 cents in Massachusetts just this week.

It doesn't matter if you drive a motorcycle, car, or SUV, everyone's feeling the pain. Most people don't know how to fix the problem, so they have to settle on adjusting their habits.

Some folks shop around, going out of their way for a good deal. One man NBC 10 spoke to says he bought a new car with a smaller engine to conserve.

"Yes, I've bought a four-cylinder," Providence resident Sereth Osgood said. "This is the first four-cylinder I've ever owned."

He takes it farther than that.

"No A/C today," he said. "Windows down nice and quick I've got to save where I can."

A little extreme for most people on a summer day, but most drivers can understand his reasons. With temperatures in the 90s that's obviously not an option for everyone.

Although prices are high in Rhode Island, 11 states including Connecticut have it worse.