Drivers frazzled over getting kids to school

Snow-covered streets in Providence had drivers spinning their wheels Tuesday.

Some parents wished that schools had been closed for another day.

"I had to drop him off all of the way back here because all of the cars are stuck on those streets," said Marlene Sosa, a parent.

Elementary school student Joseline Fernandez was looking for another snow day, for safety reasons.

"Kids could be afraid to fall, and they could get really hurt," Fernandez said.

Across the city, NBC 10 spotted one bus stuck for nearly two hours on Grover Street.

Sully Colletta said he was frustrated not just by the bus blocking his driveway, but the condition of the whole neighborhood.

"It's a disgrace," he said.

Sidewalks in some places are extremely narrow and along the sides are several large snow banks, taller than most elementary school students. More snow sits in the street.

"They hired so many extra trucks to do the job and they didn't do the job at all," said Colletta.

National Grid had restored power to most of its Rhode Island customers by Tuesday afternoon. About 200 homes and businesses in Washington County remained without electricity.