Drug arrests lead police to house of squalor

Cranston police describe a putrid scene inside a Preston Drive home. Three children and seven dogs were allegedly living in filth.

Investigators went to the home Monday to arrest Renick Johnson and Arcangela Calamita on drug charges.

Police said they found crack cocaine and disgusting, deplorable conditions in the home that forced them to leave and come back with masks.

According to a police report obtained by NBC 10, a 2-month-old baby was found on a full-size bed surrounded by trash. The child's room had diapers, feces, rotten food, and garbage piled up.

Police said feces and urine were throughout the house, with maggots in the living room carpet and rotting food in the kitchen, too.

"I was pretty surprised. I really didn't think that would happen in this neighborhood. My daughter plays with the oldest son and I never had an idea there was an issue over there," neighbor Dave Gervais told NBC 10.

Police said there were seven pitbulls, some in very bad shape, and the basement had a large amount of dog waste with a strong ammonia smell.

And outside the house there were piles of rotting trash surrounded by flies.

Johnson and Calamita are now faces drug charges as well as cruelty or neglect to a child. Officials said there could be charges relating to the dogs coming, too.