Dry windy weather heightens risk for brush fires

The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, we're finally experiencing the spring we thought would never come.

But this nice dry weather, with a wind to boot, comes with serious concerns.

This is the season for wildfires, and while the west coast is making new right now for some pretty serious fires the threat is certainly real here at home.

Cranston Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Morris points to the California wildfires as how dire the consequences can be.

According to a map from the National Weather Service the risk of fire is elevated right now in the Cranston area as well as the northern half of Rhode Island, northeastern Connecticut, and northern Bristol County Massachusetts.

If a brush fire sparks it can take hours to put out, and all that time in the woods puts firefighters at a greater risk for injury according Deputy Chief Morris.

A risk that local firefighters would like to avoid by asking everyone to be aware of their surroundings and the potential risk they pose this time of year.