Episcopal church offered drive-by palm in North Providence

This is the second year St. James Episcopal Church has handed out palms to go.

Members of a North Providence church took to the streets on Palm Sunday to get their message out about Easter.

At a pretty busy intersection in North Providence, a lot of people actually took time to stop on Sunday.

And what they received in return put a smile on a lot of people's faces.

"I think it's very sweet, I forgot it was Palm Sunday, you get caught up in the week, I actually feel guilty I forgot," said driver Amanda Maculan of North Providence.

Maculan appreciated getting a palm from members of St. James Episcopal Church on Fruit Hill Avenue.

Members of all ages were out at various intersections around the church passing out palm on Palm Sunday.

They called their efforts "Palms 4 U." This was the second year the church has done this and for some this is the second year they've come for the drive by Palms.

"I got a cross from them last year and it's still there, hasn't faded, it's beautiful," said North Providence resident Rosemary Graziano

This isn't the first time we've seen something like this recently, at the beginning of lent, a similar scenario involving ashes occurred in Tiverton.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church gave out ashes on the go on Ash Wednesday.

Asked whether this defeats the purpose if people know they don't have to go to church to receive their ashes or Palms, Rev. Canon Linda Grenz of the Rhode Island Episcopal Diocese said she looks at it this way.

"I think it's a way to remind people and trigger, if they're not going to Church and it's a gentle invitation," said Rev. Grenz.

And while it may seem like a way to address the hustle and bustle of busy modern day life, it's just as much about going back to the church's roots.

"Take the Church to the people it's what Jesus did, it's what Palm Sunday is all about," said Rev. Grenz.