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      Exclusive surveillance video shows arson suspect in Providence

      Arson investigators are looking for help from the public to identify a man they believe set fire to a house on Dexter Street, destroying that house and damaging one next door.

      NBC 10 obtained exclusive surveillance video of that arson suspect. Investigators believe the man seen in the video is walking away from the house fire after it was set. They are hoping someone will recognize the man and come forward.

      "The shape of his head, the shirt is a very distinctive shirt, and his gait," Paul Doughty, an arson investigator with the Providence Fire Department, said. "He has an interesting gait as he walks."

      The house where the fire was set was vacant at the time, but Doughty tells NBC 10 there were squatters living inside. Windy weather caused the flames to spread next door, which led to significant damage on both houses.

      The houses are now condemned. Doughty said the landlord has been notified and will have a period of time during which the houses would have to be fixed. Otherwise, the city will tear them down.

      "Depending on the owner's circumstances, it might stay like this for years," Doughty said. "It's a real blight on the neighborhood. It's a tough neighborhood to start with, but it's reasons like this that it stays like that."

      Anyone who has any information is asked to call (401) 455-3473, which is the arson tip line. There is a reward of $5,000 for information that leads investigators to an arrest.