Fall River couple charged with child abuse

Carl Taylor

The parents of a 20-month-old Fall River girl were charged Thursday with child abuse.

Carl Taylor, 35, and his wife, Ora Taylor, 27, were arraigned in Fall River District Court on numerous charges, including assault and battery on child under 14 causing serious bodily injury and endangerment. The Taylors were being held on bail.

Fall River police said they were called to the Taylor's home on May 27 for a report of a child having trouble breathing. Police said the parents told them the child fell in the shower.

The girl was taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital and transferred to Hasbro Children's hospital, where she was in critical condition. Doctors said the girl's injuries, and older injuries, were not consistent with falling in a shower.

Neighbors in the apartment complex where this happened said they saw the little girl being carried out to an ambulance.

Lisa Nicholas and her fianc told NBC 10 the child's mother showed no emotion when the little girl was being taken into the ambulance.

"Common sense, you know, if your daughter or son or grandchild, like I have, got hurt, you'd have emotion," Nicholas said. "She just turned around away and [was] texting on a cell phone like nothing ever happened."

Her fianc Domingo Rodriguez told NBC 10 the little girl was small for her age and that the tubs in these apartments are too tall for a child to climb into alone.

The child is in critical and guarded condition at a hospital. According to a release from Fall River Police, the Department of Child and Family has been granted custody of the child.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for July 1.