Man charged in Fall River killing ordered held

William Tate

A Rhode Island man accused of shooting a man to death in Massachusetts was ordered held without bail Tuesday.

William Tate's appearance in a Fall River courtroom was in a very different atmosphere than his first court appearance in Providence the day before.

"It's not over you coward!" Reina Rodriguez lashed out at Tate during his fugitive from justice arraignment Monday.

Tate is accused of killing Rodriguez's son, 26-year-old David Rodriguez, over the weekend. His body was found near a loading dock at the Ships' Cove apartments.

Aware of Monday's outburst, there was a strong presence of court officers on hand for the Fall River arraignment, and a stern warning from the judge.

"I'll have you removed from courtroom. You'll face either arrest or contempt charges," the judge said.

Tate was arraigned on a murder charge with no disruptions.

Court documents obtained by NBC 10 indicate what may have led to the shooting.

According to police, the victim's sister said she once worked with Tate, who wanted to pursue a relationship with her, which her brother wasn't happy about.

When Tate showed up at the Ships' Cove building Saturday night, Rodriguez went downstairs.

A security officer told police he saw Rodriguez intensely arguing with someone in the laundry room minutes before the shooting.

The two men left the building, Rodriguez came back, and left again.

The security worker went outside to investigate and said he saw Rodriguez fall to the ground.

Security footage captured the license plate of a car, which helped authorities track down Tate.

After his arrest, when he learned Rodriguez died, Tate allegedly told police, "I'm such an idiot. I just lost my life."

After his arraignment, court officers escorted both the suspect's and the victim's families out of the courthouse.

Reina Rodriguez was more subdued and resigned.

"It'll never be better, ever," she said.

Tate is due back in court next month.