Fall River students speak with orbiting astronaut

NASA astronaut and flight engineer Chris Cassidy on Thursday joined students at the Talbot Innovation Middle School in Fall River via satellite downlink from space to answer questions about his job.

The school is one of just six across the country that participated in this program, and it was all set up by science teacher Benjamin Squire.

"It's great for the students," Squire told NBC 10. "It's a great experience for them."

Students got a view of the Earth from the International Space Station before speaking with the orbiting astronaut.

About a dozen students had the opportunity to ask Cassidy questions live. Seventh-grader Hannah Benson asked how often he gets to speak with his family.

"That was very interesting," Benson said after the program. "That was a great opportunity to get. You may never be able to get it again in your lifetime."

The students especially enjoyed the astronaut's exhibition of zero gravity, where Cassidy performed a mid-air flip and let go of his microphone only to have it hovering in front of him.