Family creates unique way to get message against violence across

Cars drive by on Interstate 95 beneath overpasses, where signs reading "Stop the Violence" are now displayed.

"I decided that let's start a little campaign for ourselves, and we started printing these banners," Gary Wallace said.

Wallace owns Hall of GraFX, a printing shop in Providence. In response to violence in the city and around Rhode Island, he and his daughter Jordan, 19, are trying to catch some attention.

"Just stop the violence. There's better things to do, there's other things," Jordan Wallace said. "The color, the creativity of the banners, hopefully will catch eyes."

She designed the banners. She tells NBC 10 it is difficult to see violence happening to and because of people her own age.

"It's just horrible to hear, you know what I mean? Because it makes you think, when you step out of your front door, what's going to happen?" Jordan Wallace said.

Now, banners are hanging on overpasses, where many cars pass each day. The Wallaces say they know the banners themselves won't stop the bullets. Instead, they say it's a call to action.

"We can get together and have rallies, but that's not taking guns off the street. That's not stopping violent kids from being violent. That's just showing one or two days' worth of awareness and then it goes back to where it was," Gary Wallace said.

The pair is paying for the banners out of pocket.

"We're going to do as many as it takes," Gary Wallace said. "I'll take a whole roll of vinyl material and run right through it just to get the message out and the point across. So yeah, it costs us to do it, but at the same time, it may save a life, so it's worth it. It's worth every penny."

The Wallaces say they hope it will be a reminder to the community to keep this problem at the forefront, so change can happen.