Family of Johnston murder victims speaks to NBC 10

The brother and uncle of the Johnston double murder victims is finally ready to voice his anger and frustration with local authorities for what he describes as 'failing to protect his sister.'

Alonzo Pichardo is furious at the Providence County Sheriff's Department, local police and court system, and he's taking his story all the way to New York City on the Geraldo Rivera show Saturday night at 10 p.m.

The grief stricken brother and uncle wants answers, and is demanding to know why the Sheriff's Department and Rhode Island District Court system didn't 'work harder' to track down and serve 28-year-old Daniel Rodriguez with the restraining order now murder victim 40-year-old Evelyn Burgos had begged for.

Burgos' 25-year-old daughter Vanessa Perez was also killed in the shooting rampage that happened in the Johnston home on Sunday August 11th.

There were also three small children in the house at the time the mother-daughter pair were killed.

After looking over the court paperwork written in his sister's own handwriting, Pichardo said, "I'm just shocked at what I read, and the awful job that the Sheriff's did not serving this restraining order when there's so much that she gave, so much information she gave, you know? So much information that she gave! It's like how could you not have found him? You know? You know?" he pleaded. "How could you not have found him? She basically broke down where this man was!"

Documents show that 17 days before she was killed, Evelyn Burgos provided the Rhode Island District Court with the address and name of the uncle her ex- boyfriend Daniel Rodriguez was staying with, and the make and model of Rodriguez' vehicle.

But because Burgos could not remember the apartment number of Rodriguez' uncle as she was filling out the paperwork, some authorities are saying it became difficult to find and serve her estranged partner with the restraining order.