Family speaks out about latest Providence homicide

George Holland Jr.

Providence Police are investigating the city's third murderof the year.

Meanwhile, the victim's family is coping with deadlyviolence for the second time in a few years.

George Holland, Jr. was shot and killed Tuesday night.

His cousin, Candace Smith, toldNBC10, "George, he was a very special kid.{} He had a big heart.{} Heloved everybody.{} Every time I walked through the door or any other familymember walked through the door, big hug."

Holland was shot while he wasvisiting his girlfriend at her home on the city's south side.

A bullet came flying through thewindow.

Providence Police say theshooting was not random, though it's not clear who the intended target was.

"They need to stop being a cowardand come forward.{} Obviously, they made a mistake because it wasn'tintended for George.{} So he needs to come forward to face theconsequences," Smith said of the shooter.

Relatives say George was one ofeight kids, affectionately called the Holland 8.

He was a senior at High RoadSchool, but played football for Central.

Smith said, "Football was hislife.{} George loved to play football.{} Everything he did.{} Heslept and breathed football."

The family has gone throughtragedy before.

George lived with his auntbecause his mother is in prison for stabbing his father, George Sr., to deathin 2009.

Smith said, "We're trying to holdit together.{} We're still dealing with the death of his father, George,Sr. And we have to deal with this.{} So it's kind of rehashing everythingall over again.{} I think we've been through enoughIt's a tragedy.{}He lost his mother and father and now we lost him."

Police say they do have leadsthey are working on.