Fans line up to get Red Sox gear

Many Boston fans spent their Sunday morning looking for anything with the Red Sox logo.

NBC 10 went to Dick's Sporting Goods in Warwick where a steady stream of people were looking for paraphernalia, even New York fan Eileen Cullinane

"I'm a Yankee's fan, but I'm rooting for the Red Sox now. Gotta get (dad) a shirt," she said.

Mother of the year may go to Claire Charette, whose son can't find a Red Sox shirt to save his life because he lives in Maryland.

She told NBC 10 he's coming up for Thanksgiving, but that she plans on sending a shirt to him now as a surprise.

Dick's opened at 7 a.m. and had people waiting to get their hands on Red Sox stuff.

Lou Auger even grew a beard to support the team.

"I even grew a beard, I've never had a beard before in my life," he said.

Now, Lou needs something to wear with that beard.

"Probably a hat, couple of shirts, and then I'll come back for World Series championship," Auger said.