Fans willing to wait for tickets instead of scalping

There's no doubt that World Series tickets in Boston are the hottest tickets in town, and on Thursday dozens of fans were willing to wait in the cold to try to get their hands on some.

On the day of a game, the Red Sox hold aside a certain amount of tickets for fans to purchase. And many were hoping to grab some.

"Tickets were a little pricey so we figured we'd get in line here at Gate E. We're trying to squeeze in at a cost-friendly price," said Dave Hyde of North Attleborough.

Tickets from scalpers and online sellers can run up into the thousands, not to mention the dangers of fakes.

"We've actually come up here and tried scalping tickets before and you never know what you're going to get. You never know if it's a real ticket or not so you'd rather just go through the park," said Jessica Blasavage of New York.

"Craigslist scams, StubHub, everyone's jacking them up. I'd rather just stand in line all day and enjoy the game," said Karen Opitz of Boston.

Being able to enjoy the game is a priceless experience for diehard fans and something they are happy to pay for.

"Since I live check by check, I'm willing to do a couple of months' checks. I've saved up a little bit, so I'm going to spend it," said Tim Guimond of North Attleborough. "I'll be in a hole for a little bit, but I'll be in my glory. I'll be sitting on my couch for another couple of months but I'll be glorious about this day right here."