Feds investigate report of missing mail in East Greenwich

Investigators with the U.S. Inspector General's office are looking into a report of missing mail in East Greenwich.

Scott Miller of the Inspector General's office told NBC 10 on Thursday they are looking into mail dumping by a letter carrier. Some of the mail has since been recovered.

Several residents that live in the neighborhoods surrounding Main Street reported mail missing for several weeks. They said it has begun to affect their daily lives.

"It was close to 30 customers that generally we would get payments from," said Steve DeLisle, owner of East Greenwich Oil. "And it was close to $6,000 worth of payments."

Other residents noticed an issue.

"It's the end of the month so that when you notice all your bills coming," said Christina Hummel. "We haven't gotten any bills. We haven't gotten anything."

Other residents have reported that piles of mail for residents all over the town have been left in random mailboxes. Others say that locations that typically receive bagfuls of mail daily have only received a few envelopes if anything at all.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with questions, concerns or complaints can call the Rhode Island Inspector General's office at 401-229-9250.