Landmark sale gets final RI regulatory approval

It's a Landmark deal of sorts. The Department of Health has approved a deal that will allow Prime Healthcare to acquire the struggling Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket.

NBC 10 spoke with Bill Fischer, spokesman for Landmark Medical Center, "we knew we needed an acquisition partner to preserve the operations of the building, to protect 1,100 jobs."

According to Fischer Landmark is second only to CVS in driving the state's economy. He is excited that Prime has come into the picture because of its history of helping financially strapped hospitals, telling NBC 10 "we're looking forward to Prime coming in and learning from their protocols and the efficiencies that they bring."

And that means a benefit to the healthcare consumers of the area.

Dr. Michael Fine, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, spoke about the benefits Prime will bring to consumers, "a nicer physical plant, more focus on patient satisfaction, more focus on the relationship between the folks that work in the hospital and the primary care community."

The Department of Health wanted to make sure that the deal is contingent on an improved collaboration between hospital physicians and primary care doctors after patients are discharged from the hospital as well as a significant investment in primary care.

All of this is in hopes to help Landmark grow and be competitive with hospitals in the nearby parts of Massachusetts, as well as to protect the hospital for the foreseeable future. As Fischer told NBC 10 "it's been around for 100-plus years and hopefully it's around for another hundred."

The deal does remain contingent on final approval by the Attorney General's Office.